Texture, Surface, and Details with Jason Ward 3/22


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Texture, Surface, and Details
Instructor: Jason Ward
Sunday, March 22nd 6-9pm

This workshop will focus on how to consider staging a project that accounts for sensitivity towards the specific moments of observed detail. Every surface is an opportunity for us to engage with our medium in an expressive way that represents the different textures that we observe. When we begin to think of texture as a language, unique to individual objects, we can develop strategies that allow our medium to speak those languages. This approach creates unpredictable and delightful moments of surprise as material handling changes and adapts to represent a variety of surfaces, textures, and details that inform the viewer as to a specific moment of our experience. This workshop is open to students of all mediums.

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Image of Two Workshops: February-March Series
Two Workshops: February-March Series
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