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Head Structure and Facial Features Workshop (6/21 & 6/28)
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Last Sunday, 6/21, was a lot of fun! Check out the Facial Features workshop to join us this week!

Over the last two Sundays in June, 6/21 and 6/28, I'll be giving an online lecture-based workshop on the structure of the head and facial features. We'll be prioritizing the underlying geometry of the major forms of the head and portrait, and exploring the major anatomical elements associated with them.

Online Lecture Workshop via Zoom
The last Sundays in June: 6/21 and 6/28
11am - 4pm (with lunch break from 1-2pm) EDT

The Plan
On the first Sunday, 6/21, we'll focus on the structure of the head and neck. We'll cover the skull, neck vertebrae, clavicles, and associated musculature that accompanies these forms that have everything to do with the head and not the features of the portrait. These often overlooked aspects of the head and neck will lend an underlying structural foundation to your drawings, paintings, and sculptures moving forward as you depict the human head in your work.

The second Sunday, 6/28, is all about the facial features of the portrait: the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. We'll go over how they fit within the head and how they help continue to both add structural stability and character to a convincing depiction of a person's likeness. The study of these forms has as much to do with geometry, rhythm, and surface morphology as it does the specific anatomy of any given feature.

Priority is given to "construction potential", meaning that we're really considering the forms themselves, and not shapes of light or tonality on our subject. This workshop will use light and tonal cues to gain insight into the planar relationships and structure of our discussed subject-matter, but we will not rely on shape in this workshop. This is a great supplement to a more shape-oriented path of study, where you'll learn how to use the underlying geometry to enhance your ability to not only perceive your subject with greater clarity, but gain the ability to begin to construct an image from your knowledge alone, without reference.

Each day's lesson will be be accompanied by a curated study guide pdf document, complete with optional exercises and resources to help you navigate the material further on your own. Recorded solutions to the study guide exercises are available as an added extra if you're interested in continued guidance after the day's lesson.

We'll be working with Zoom, a virtual meeting software, to conduct our workshop sessions live. This will allow workshop participants to ask me questions in real time, and watch analytic digital drawing demonstrations live. We'll also be recording the workshop, and that recording will be made available as an added extra for your benefit and review.

After registration is complete and payment is confirmed, as we get closer to the first day of the workshop, I'll send an email out to you with the link to our workshop webpage. This landing page houses lots of information and resources for you, including the zoom link, recommended materials list for those interested in what I like to work with, a guide to using Zoom, as well as various reference images and resources.

Send me an email at ekitson@gmail.com

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